Furniture Care

How to Care for Your Furniture

A Valuable Investment

Today, beautiful hardwood furniture represents a significant investment for most households. With careful maintenance, the rich wood grains in the elegant pieces comprising our dining room, bedroom, home office and living room ensembles will last for generations!

Caring For Hardwood Furniture

As you select high quality items from Custom Furniture Warehouse to furnish your home, these tips may prove helpful:

1. The rich natural texture of hardwood responds well to gentle care. Just as wooden floors won’t bear up well with the use of water or water-based cleaning products, finely crafted wooden furniture also lasts longer with gentle cleansing techniques. Regular, frequent dusting with a soft microfiber cloth will keep most items of fine wood in excellent condition. Avoid harsh commercial cleaning agents and rough scrubbing that may inadvertently scratch the surface of the wood or damage a carefully-applied wood stain.

2. Many people choose to protect fine furniture by applying a layer of either wax or polish. While this approach may help hardwoods shine, it remains extremely important to use only wax or only polish preparations. The two wood treatments generally won’t work compatibly with one another.

3. Some cleaning experts urge extra caution when conducting vacuuming, feather dusting or steam cleaning near wooden furniture, due to the potential for scraping or scratching surfaces. Even hardwoods potentially sustain mechanical damage during the course of daily activities.

4. When spills occur (as they inevitably do!), the best course of action for cleaning fine hardwoods remains adopting a conservative approach. Try and remove spills mechanically as soon as possible with a clean soft microfiber cleaning cloth after an accident. If a spilled item penetrates the wood, you’ll want to check with a professional cleaner to determine the best way to remove embedded stains without damaging the surface.

5. In order to provide a physical layer of protection for your fine wood furniture against spills and heat damage from hot food items, we strongly recommend the regular use of soft tablecloths and placemats, coasters and other barriers designed to safeguard fine wooden table surfaces from scrapes, scratches and burns over the course of time.

6. Avoid placing wooden furniture next to stoves and other heat sources that will eventually dry out the wood. Protracted exposure to bright sunlight can cause fading in some pieces of fine furniture. Tinting windows to reduce sun glare inside the home or covering the furniture with cloth may prove helpful.

Solid Value

Lovely custom hardwood furniture often appreciates in value over time. With careful attention to maintenance, wooden ensembles offer years of enjoyment!